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We are proud to bring you 24/7 music, CCHS sports, future content creators, and CCHS/ETA news and community events. Welcome to the home of Columbia City High School's non-commercial, not-for-profit, student-run radio station. 

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Okay, so what is WJHS?

WJHS 91.5 FM is Columbia City High School’s student-run radio station.

We exists to educate students in media. We also support the local community at the same time! 


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By listening and following WJHS on social media you are helping the education of content-creators of tomorrow.

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How can I support WJHS?

Businesses and individuals that partner with WJHS support student education. Click below to see the benefits.


Underwriting is a way of supporting WJHS Radio (a non-profit, educational radio station) and getting the name of your business heard by WJHS listeners.

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WJHS 91.5 FM exists because of the generous support from listeners like you.

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Proud to be part of WCCS

WJHS is a proud part of Whitley County Consolidated Schools and Columbia City High School