Coesse students stand in the clearing of the woods

Fourth and fifth-grade students at Coesse Elementary created a trail and outdoor classroom for students to use in the wooded area on the school property. 

To have outdoor classrooms, the students wrote letters to More Farm Store and asked to rent a skid steer with a mulcher to clear the space needed for the trail and classroom space. They said yes! Thank you,  More Farm Store and Matt Espich, for running the machinery. 

The elementary classes at each grade level have used the classroom for various science standards and to learn more about nature. The students chose to mount trail cameras and have enjoyed learning about the wildlife they caught on camera. 

The fourth and fifth-grade students created a "Woods Rules Video" to model how to use the trails and classroom for their peers. 

We desire that students will use the space for years to come. Ask your learner if they've been to the new trail and outdoor classroom! 

Sample of photos caught on trail camera.

Photo of trail and classroom space in wooded property.