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Individuals support WJHS by donating. 

Send your donation to the school. Please make checks payable to WJHS.


1600 State Route 9

Columbia City IN 46725


Businesses can support WJHS by Underwriting.

This is a lot like having a radio commercial with a few differences noted below. 

Become a WJHS Underwriter

 Send us an email here for more about becoming a WJHS Underwriter



WJHS is a non-commercial, listener supported station.

That means, we need you to keep going. Businesses and Individuals that donate partner with us. We are all together giving radio back to the people



Underwriting Examples

--“This hour of broadcasting is brought to you in part by Tommy’s.Tommy’s provides entertainment every night. Tommy’s is located in the basement of Hansen Student Center and is a proud sponsor of WJHS Radio and CCHS Athletics.”--


--“‘WJHS Sports is brought to you in part by Hattie’s.  Featuring a variety of foreign, domestic, and local coffees, Hattie’s is open seven days a week until midnight. For more information call 555-5555. Hattie’s is a proud sponsor of WJHS Radio.”--



More about Underwriting


Underwriting Credits May Include

Stations are allowed to identify, not promote, commercial entities that provide general support for the station. This identification can include the following:
•  The name of the person or entity
•  Corporate mission
•  Location information
•  Telephone numbers and website addresses
•  Audio logos that identify but do not promote
•  Value neutral descriptions of a product line or service
•  Brand and trade names
•  Product or service listings that do not include qualitative or comparative language


Underwriting Credits May Not Include

The following items are not acceptable in underwriting credits or announcements on behalf of for-profit organizations:
•  Price information
•  Calls to action
•  Inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease
•  Comparative information
•  Qualitative information



Q: What is underwriting?
Underwriting is a way of supporting WJHS Radio (a non-profit, educational radio station) and getting the name of your
business heard by WJHS listeners.


Q: What’s the difference between advertising and underwriting?
Advertisments are paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or
electronic media. Underwriting is a support statement. As a
non-commercial educational radio station we are prohibited from airing
advertising but we can air underwriting.

The major difference between “advertising spots” on commercial stations and “underwriting
announcements” on noncommercial stations is an underwriting
announcement must have the purpose of “identification only” and its
language cannot specifically entice to “bring someone to action,” as do many
advertising spots.

Underwriting announcements are consice and gimmick-free. As a
non-commercial radio station, WJHS Radio’s underwriting
announcements are defined by the FCC.


Q: What is allowed on the announcement?
• Value-neutral descriptions of products and services
• Brand name of products (maximum of 3)
• Products or services offered or sold (maximum of 3)


Q: What is prohibited on the announcement?
• Comparisons and endorsements
• Expression of viewpoints
• Price or value information (including discounts)
• Calls to action (”come on down,” for example)