Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education

I.C.E. is a cooperative vocational education program designed to assist seniors in making the transition between school life and the world of work by blending meaningful employment experiences with related education courses. It prepares students for entry-level employment by combining classroom-based instruction with on-the-job learning experiences.

ICE is a one-year course where student-trainees attend 2 regular scheduled classes plus 1 ICE related instruction and receive training and experience in the career choice at an approved training station the remainder of the day. Standards have been established for this program with the assistance of business & industry and the Office of Career and Technical Education from the Indiana Department of Education.

Prerequisites include: (1) The student shall complete an I.C.E. application and have an interview with the I.C.E. coordinator; (2) The student shall have a meaningful future plan supported by three previous or concurrent related classes; (3) The student must have a good attendance record-should not be absent more than 5 days per trimester; (4) The student shall be in good standing in regard to credits for graduation; (5) The student shall have reliable transportation; (6) The student shall have at least a 2.0 G.P.A.; and (7) The student's placement will be coordinator-approved training station owned or supervised by someone other than a relative.


The Related Class -

Students are required to take the Related Class each day before going out to the training station for the work-based learning experiences. The Related Class is designed so that students are able to develop and improve skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in whatever career area they choose to enter. Workplace competencies, work ethics, work attitudes, abilities, aptitudes, and people skills are stressed throughout the course work.


The Work-Based Learning Experiences -

Students are placed in jobs where there is direct supervision by experience employees. Students are released from school each day to work an average of 15 hours per week during the school year. They receive wages for the hours worked. Student employment must comply with all state and federal regulations pertaining to Child Labor Laws and safety in the workplace.


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