GoGuardian Tips

GoGuardian is a wonderful tool, but there are limitations to everything. Being aware of these limitations will provide a better overall experience with the product. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • GoGuardian Classroom limit is 115-students. If your Google Classroom has more than 115-students, only the first 115-students will be imported into GoGuardian Classroom.

  • A Google Classroom can only be imported by one teacher.

  • Having multiple teachers with classrooms containing the same students is possible. Teachers may run into problems such as screen activity not showing students' activity; however, that typically can be resolved by clearing the cache of the browser.

  • When a classroom is imported from Google, any changes to the roster can only be made on classroom.google.com. GoGuardian will sync Google Classrooms every hour or the teacher may manually sync the classroom by clicking Sync Students From Google.