Andrew Hill_CTE Welding

February is National CTE Month. Career and Technical Education (CTE) celebrates achievements and accomplishments of technical programs and students across the country from K-12 through college and beyond.

Columbia City High School hosts several CTE programs through the academies and we're highlighting each of them this month. 

The Welding Program has been a robust program of CCHS for more than five years and has a 100% pass rate of all students for the nationally recognized American Welding Society (AWS) certifications. 

The program has so much to celebrate; read what senior Andrew Hill had to say about his CTE experience. 

What does CTE mean to you? 
To me, it means that students can explore possible careers while they are in high school instead of just narrowing their vision to a bachelor's degree. It helps broadens students' vision and see that there are plenty of rewarding and high-paying jobs that don't require complex degrees and loads of student debt. It means that students who like working with their hands have a chance to explore career fields that fit their interests.

How has your CTE class prepared you for the future?
My Welding class prepared me for my future career. It helped align me with certifications and classes outside of high school to help further my education toward a rewarding career.

What are your future plans? 
My future plans are to pursue medical welding and inspection and I am currently employed at Microtech Welding Corp in Fort Wayne, which deals with primarily medical welding and some inspection. I hope to later earn a CWI certification from the AWS.

Favorite CTE class memory?
It is really hard to point to one singular moment, but my favorite part of my class was becoming close with my peers who had similar interests I would have never talked to if it weren't for that class. The close relationships that were created between students and our Instructor. We all learned together and helped each other. If any memory were my favorite, it would be seeing Mr. Rusher and all of the students on certification day as we all passed our Certifications one by one. There were a lot of hugs and handshakes that day, and it felt like we were a team that had won a state championship.