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    Harry S. Truman wrote, “It is amazing what can be accomplished when you do not care who gets the credit.” As a community of learners and thinkers at Indian Springs Middle School, we are committed to providing all students with authentic learning experiences through intentional practices, personal relationships, rigorous curriculum, and a safe and secure environment. We roll up our sleeves each day to ensure our students get a top-shelf education and it matters not who gets the credit.

    Our staff works tirelessly to inspire and create a contagious atmosphere of learning. To accomplish our vision, we live the core values of the 4 R’s — Rigor, Relevance, Relationship, and Reflection. Rigor challenges students to reach their highest potential and apply skills that are used today and in the future. Teachers design and implement curriculum that is meaningful and relevant to middle-schooler’s lives. We build meaningful relationships with students, staff, and community members by modeling and encouraging integrity, responsibility, and compassion. Then we reflect on our current practices and data to refine processes for excellence and celebrate our successes.

    Administrative Team

     Mr. Wes Mullet, principal

    Mr. Wesley Mullett, principal

    (260) 244-5148 ext. 2517

    Mr. Kyle Nelson, assistant principal

    Mr. Kyle Nelson, assistant principal

    (260) 244-5148 ext. 2518

    Mrs. Heather Cook, dean of student

    Mrs. Heather Cook, dean of students

    (260) 244-5148 ext. 2502