Montessori Overview

  • Montessori Education is offered in a safe and nurturing environment housed in a beautiful, appealing classroom. The program provides an individualized, student-directed, challenging program that is built on the core values of independence, love of learning, and respect. The school culture supports each child’s creativity, natural curiosity, and self-confidence. 


    Highly trained, caring teachers provide structure and order which allows students to learn with guidance through hands-on, independently paced lessons with specifically designed instructional materials. The program provides opportunities for social interaction and confidence building. Our curriculum focuses on the whole child – every phase of development is nurtured. 


    Inside our mixed-age classrooms, you'll feel an air of excitement and curiosity and will find thoughtfully designed learning environments that cultivate a love for learning with children working independently and often in groups with peers. You'll notice various activity stations for children to engage with throughout the day. You'll see our teachers guiding students along their educational journey, encouraging them to ask questions, and providing them the creative freedom they need to develop and learn at their own individual pace. Because learning is student-directed, children make choices regarding their academic work based on preferred learning styles, student interest, talent, and areas of giftedness.


    Depending on the age level, a student’s day includes hands on learning activities in language arts, mathematics, practical arts, geography, STEM, fine arts and physical education.