• Senate Enrolled Act 217 requires all Indiana K-2 students, unless exempt, be screened in six key areas utilizing a recognized Universal Screener. 

    A "Universal Screen", as defined by Senate Enrolled Act 217, is "... a diagnostic assessment used to aid educators in understanding the causes for student performance, learning strengths, and the needs that underlie student performance. The diagnostic assessment is conducted to identify or predict students who may be at risk for poor learning outcomes...

    Early identification of dyslexia helps to ensure children are able to fully invest in their educational growth.

    Additional information about the requirements and tools may be found on the Indiana Department of Education's Dyslexia page.

WCCS Dyslexia Report

  • 2019-2020 Whitley County Consolidated Schools

    Total Number of Students who Were Administered the Universal Screener: 747

    Total Number of Students Identified as Exhibiting At-risk Characteristics of Dyslexia: Less than 10

    Total Number of Students who Received Dyslexia Intervention: Less than 10

    Dyslexia Reading Program/Intervention: Foundational Reading Strategies