• Being a firefighter is an adrenaline rush! It is filled with great times, comradery with great people, and great rewards! Rewards are not in the form of “Thank you” or notoriety but in the form of personal pride and satisfaction for doing good things for other people during their worst time. The road to becoming a certified firefighter is demanding and filled with obstacles that will require hard work, diligent study habits and a professional attitude to be successful. Once you have overcome these obstacles you will have earned several certifications that are highly desired in the fire service. As a potential student in this program, you are placing yourself in a unique and advantageous position to be successful after you graduate high school. With the completion of this program, you will be able to join your local volunteer fire department, be a part of a team that shares the goal of helping others, and be able to help protect the very community that has helped you grow up. The training/certifications that you will receive will be able to be taken to other communities and in many cases, other states. This training will also give you a decided advantage on a very competitive job market should you consider to make firefighting your career.

Fire Academy Badge