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Mrs. Harmeyer

Dr. Temple Grandin once said, “there needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do.” Preparing students to be Ready for Tomorrow involves taking a look at how students learn, changing what we do as educators to use students' strengths, and giving students the tools needed to be successful. All children can learn, some just do it differently, need more time, or need support along the way. The Whitley County Consolidated School’s Special Education team prepares students to become positive, contributing, and active participants in our community by identifying and meeting unique and individual needs. By creating highly effective and supportive learning environments, students are challenged to raise their expectations for themselves and grow academically, socially, and behaviorally.


  • WCCS Special Education Department will prepare students to become a positive contributing and active participant in their community by:

    • Identifying and meeting unique and individual needs
    • Collaborating with student, family, WCCS staff and community stakeholders
    • Creating highly effective and supportive learning environment

Special Education Staff Directory

  • CCHS
  • Central Office
  • Coesse
  • Coesse Elementary
  • Columbia City High School
  • Eagle Tech Academy
  • Indian Springs Middle School
  • ISMS
  • Little Turtle
  • LTES
  • Mary Raber Elementary
  • Northern Heights Elementary
  • WCCS
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