Tour the Workspace

  • Once logged in to the WCCS Event Manager portal, you should see that you now have a Management Panel along the left of the screen.

    Event Manager administration panel


    Create an Event - Allows you to request a location for an event.

    View Public Calendar - Takes you to the public calendar where you can see upcoming events within the district.

    Events - Lists events scheduled between the date range you specify. You can view as a list or calendar view.

    Reports - Not available at this time

    My Invoices

    My Invoice List - Shows your invoices for services.

    My Payment List - Shows your payments towards services.

    Tasks - Lists any tasks that might be assigned to you.

    Help - Opens a new page to the Table of Contents for the Help section of Event Manager.

    My Profile -  This section gives you a quick look at your events, your subscriptions, your purchases, your contact information, the organizations you belong to, and attachments you have uploaded.

    Log Out - Logs you out of your account and ends your session.

Event Community

  • The Event Community Public Calendar allows you to see upcoming events within the district. From this view, you can sign out of your account, print the page, or go back to the dashboard by clicking My Profile. You can also change the way upcoming events are displayed by changing the View Type between a detailed list, a calendar, or a more compact list view. You can also search upcoming events be setting a date range, keyword, category, or specific location.

    Event Community Public Calendar

    You also have options to share an event with your friends via a multitude of options or you can subscribe to your favorite types of events to be notified when new events are scheduled!