Reserve a Location

Request Steps

  • The request process is made up of five distinct steps. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).



Event Details

    • Organization* - Select the organization that plans to organize the event, and that you can legally represent, from the drop-down. If your drop-down is empty, then you do not currently belong to any organizations.

    • Event Name* - Enter the name of your event; e.g. "Modern Art Seminar"

    • Summary* - Enter a brief but detailed description of your event. This description not only aides in the approval process, but it also is what will display to the public on the events calendar.

    • Add a Full Description - Additionally, you may enter a full description using the text editor. This allows you to really detail your event as well as add attachments, such as permission slips or flyers, and links to your organization's web page.


Location & Time

  • You must select your desired location and date/time for your event.

    • Choose by - Select either Location or by Date & Time.

    • Search & Select Locations - Select your desired event location from the drop-down

    • Location Setup Notes - Once you have selected a location, you can expand the location and enter additional setup notes, if necessary.
      Location Set Up Notes

    • Set up for _______ attendees - Enter the number of expected attendees for your event.

    • Location Features - Each location has specific features available for it that may include such items as tables, chairs, computers, projectors, and more. Select any features you may want for your desired location. 

    • Check Availability - Select the date of your event from the calendar to see if your desired location is available. Once you select a date, you will select the time of your event on that day, if it is available.

    • Multiple-Day Options - Define the conditions of your event if it is recurring or spans multiple days.

    • Total Costs - View the estimated cost of rental based upon the locations, features, and days you have selected.


Additional Information

  • Answer the required fields:

    • Event Charges*

      • There is an admission for this event - Will your organization be charging an admission fee for your event?

      • There is no admission for this event

    • A Certificate of Liability is required for each facility rental request.*

      • I have uploaded my Certificate of Liability in Pictures and Attachments. - If you have not already uploaded your Certificate of Liability, you may do so in the next section, "Pictures & Attachments".
  • You can include relevant documents by clicking the UPLOAD button and attaching your file. This is where you would attach your Certificate of Liability.

    Upload Attachments

    (Please note that there is a 10MB maximum attachment size.)

  • You will need to provide the appropriate contact information for you organization leader. You will need to include:

    • Full Name
    • Phone
      • Extension
    • Email

    Or, you may be able to select the leader by typing in the leader's name in the search area.