Skylert Mass Communications System

  • Skyward Skylert Mass Communications System Skylert is Skyward's mass communication system. Parents can choose their notifications, too, right from Family Access! You decide if you want low lunch balance notifications or even set your low and high threshold for grade notification. Parents easily manage their email address and phone numbers for notifications simply by updating them in Family Access.

    Skylert can also be used for emergencies, too. Any school emergency can quickly be pushed to parents with instructions and information. And, with the Skyward Mobile App, all you need is your phone.

Skylert :: Additional Information

  • At Whitley County Consolidated Schools, a significant quantity of information is presented or collected electronically. Additionally, we frequently contact families using Skylert, our family contact system. With Skylert, families have the ability to change and to add contact numbers and e-mail addresses through Skyward Family Access. (Families without Internet and e-mail still have opportunities to receive communications through other means.)

    Families can determine which phone numbers and which e-mail accounts receive certain types of communications. Note that only the primary guardian of the family recorded as the first-family in our Skyward Student database (usually the custodial family) will have information sent to Skylert. Only the guardians of the first-family will be able to make changes to the Skylert information in Skyward Family Access. However, any guardian in the first-family does have the ability to add up to 4 (# may be adjusted) additional phone numbers, 3 (# may be adjusted) additional e-mails and 3 (# may be adjusted) additional text message numbers to the Skylert listing.

    Be sure to verify or update your Student and Parent/Guardian Information today.

    Log in to Skyward Family Access through the WCCS Skyward Family Access portal. Once logged in, click on Skylert on the General Information menu on the left navigation bar. Your Skylert settings will display. If you desire to make changes, click on Edit on the right of the screen.

    Here are a few tips to make your Skylert® system experience more effective:

    • Be sure to login to Skyward Family Access to make changes to your home,
      cell, and work numbers.

    • When WCCS distributes a Skylert® system message, look at
      caller ID for a WCCS school building phone number on the
      display: 260-244-5772.

    • Like most automated calling systems, there will be a pause after you
      pick up the phone before the message is delivered. During that time, the
      system is assessing whether it has reached a live voice or answering
      machine and it is assessing the quality of the connection.

    • If you are in a noisy location or if you are on a cell phone in a windy
      location, the message might be restarted several times, not delivered at
      all, or cut off during delivery.

    • Not all messages delivered via the Skylert® system are weather-related
      or emergency calls. You might also receive notifications about student
      attendance, student food service account balances, and reminders about
      school events and activities.

SMS Texts

  • Skylert also offers you the option of receiving SMS Text messages. Within the Skyward Family Access portal, you can click on the Skylert tab and then locate the Text Message Numbers fields. Enter your text number and select the categories for which you wish to receive texts.

    Enter your text number and select the areas to receive texts

    To authorize Skylert to send you text messages, you will need to text "Y" or "Yes" to 67587.

    Remember, you will start receiving texts according to your mobile plan rates and charges.


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