• Where can I find free wireless access in Whitley County? (Trouble viewing? Click here.)

I have a wireless network at home. How do I access it on my Chromebook?

  • 1. Log in to the Chromebook
    2. Click the profile picture in the bottom right of the screen
    Click the profile picture in the lower-right of the screen
    3. Click Settings
    Click on Settings
    4. The first setting drop down menu is for a connection - click the drop down menu and select the network.  
        Some networks may require acceptance of terms of service (Panera, Libraries, etc.). 
        Some networks may require a password to join - enter the password to establish a connection.
    Select a network
    5. After a connection is established, a message may pop up in the lower right corner of the Chromebook’s screen prompting the user to visit the selected network’s login page.  Click this message to continue to the network login page.  Upon examination of the network’s terms of service, continue with the login process.  Visiting any webpage will prompt the user for their WCCS username and password.  After entering credentials, the Chromebook will be successfully connected to the internet.
    Action may be required
    Do you know another free Wi-Fi spot that is open to the public? 
    Send us the details, and we will add it to the map .