Program Design

  • The development of appropriate programming for HA learners must be an integral part of the general education school day.


  • HA learners must be assessed to determine appropriate educational services. WCCS’s identification procedures are equitable, comprehensive, and ongoing. They reflect the Indiana definition of HA students and identifies at a minimum those students with HA in the general intellectual domain, specific academic domains, and other areas as identified by WCCS.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • The HA learner will be provided an opportunity to work with a differentiated curriculum in a flexible educational setting.

Counseling and Guidance

  • Implementation of a counseling and guidance plan to support the unique socio-emotional needs of HA students.

Professional Development

  • Professional development opportunities are offered for all school staff involved in the education of HA students.

Program Evaluation

  • An annual program evaluation is undertaken to improve the effectiveness of services to HA students.