• Whitley County Consolidated Schools has a new procedure for substitute teachers!

     To substitute for Whitley County Consolidated Schools you must have these items on file:

    1. Expanded background check (cost $31.50 at Safe Hiring Solutions. If another school district has completed one of these for you, I will accept a copy of that background. It is your responsibility to get this copy to me. This background check could have been results from fingerprinting also.)

    2. Valid Indiana Teaching License or Valid Indiana Substitute Permit. If you are a teacher, I will just need a copy of your valid Indiana license. The Substitute permit (cost $16.72 for a three year permit) can be obtained online through the Indiana Department of Education site, LVIS Portal

    3. Paperwork explained below.

    4. You cannot sub until you complete the "School Safety Quiz":  HERE


    When you request your background check the results will come to me. I will print off and send you a copy.

    When you apply and pay for your substitute permit, Indiana Dept. of Education will notify me to confirm that I have a background check on file and then I can verify your submission. You will then receive an email your substitute permit is ready to be printed. 

    At this point, I will need a copy of your permit for your file. You will need to call 260-244-5772 X 1270 (Lori Leeuw) for an appointment to fill out paperwork. The paperwork includes the profile for Region 8, federal and state tax papers, and an I-9 form where I need two forms of ID. You will be given instructions on how to get registered with Region 8 and start receiving calls to substitute for our schools. Also you will receive a booklet with answers to frequently asked questions regarding substituting.


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 260-244-5772 X 1270.