• Columbia City Marching Eagles:  This extracurricular band begins at the beginning of the summer each year.  At the beginning of the summer, students begin reviewing and learning marching technique in preparation for local parades. These parades occur in June. Students learn their competitive show during band camp, which occurs at the end of July. CCME performs at local parades and community functions, and is highly competitive in ISSMA invitational and sponsored events- recently being crowned Scholastic B State Champions in 2015.  Any person grades 9-12 is eligible to participate in this activity.  Rehearsals are held entirely outside of the curricular day.

    Columbia City Pep Band:  This co-curricular group supports the girls and boys basketball teams at CCHS.  Students attend the basketball games and play rock and pop music during the games. No rehearsals are held outside of performance for this group.  Any person grades 9-12 is eligible to participate in this activity.

    Wind Ensemble:  This band is a co-curricular two semester class at CCHS. It is comprised of 9-12 grade students, and focuses on preparing students for upcoming community concerts and contests.  Music for this group is challenging, and varies from popular music to classical music.  Rehearsals outside of the classroom will occur.  This group performs frequently in the community. Performances and concerts are required as part of the classroom grade for this course.  


    Whitley Street Jazz:  This is an extra-curricular band. Repertoire for this group includes traditional jazz, fusion, bebop, swing, and contemporary selections.  Rehearsals are held twice weekly from November until March.  This group performs frequently in the community. A t-shirt must be purchased as part of the uniform for this group.

    Winter Guard:  This extracurricular ensemble begins in November.  Their competitive season begins in the January, and lasts through March.  Students learn to dance and spin.  There is a minimal cost for participation in this group. Rehearsals are held after school in the multipurpose room at CCHS and the gym at Eagle Tech Academy, and performances are a required component of this group.

    City Soul: This extra-curricular band is the back-up band for CCHS’s show choirs - City Lights and City Heat. This band is an audition only ensemble made up of 6-10 players, including winds, drum-set, piano, and guitar. Auditions are held in September. Rehearsals begin in November and contests run from January-March.