"Do Year"

  • Junior Year: A TIME for good decisions and meeting deadlines.

    Junior year is the last time for the majority of college-bound students to show an upward trend in their grade point average before applying to colleges at the start of their senior year. Junior Year

    Timeline: Click Here for Worksheet

    It is also the TIME to:

    • Take electives that might inspire or enhance postsecondary career choices.
    • Visit colleges and other postsecondary programs (by appointment) during vacation days and special college-sponsored visitation days.
    • Use the CCHS website links often to explore college and career information.
    • Obtain passes from the Guidance Secretary to meet with visiting college representatives and career speakers during Privilege/LOP.
    • Show leadership in school and community organizations and service projects. This will build skills for future success and enhance the opportunity to qualify for service-oriented scholarships in 12th grade.
    • Improve GPA for college admission or to qualify for a Graduation Qualifying Exam waiver in 12th grade
    • Complete qualifications for eligibility for National Honor Society spring induction
    • Make positive impressions on teachers and community contacts who may recommend you for college admission and scholarships in 12th grade


College Web Sites

College/University Location Web Site
Allegheny University Pennsylvania http://www.allegheny.edu/
Ancilla College Indiana http://www.ancilla.edu/
Anderson University Indiana http://www.anderson.edu/
Antioch College Ohio http://antioch.edu/
Baker College Michigan http://www.baker.edu/
Ball State University Indiana http://www.bsu.edu/
Beloit College Wisconsin http://www.beloit.edu/
Bethel College Indiana http://www.bethelcollege.edu/
Bucknell University Pennsylvania http://www.bucknell.edu/
Butler University Indiana http://www.butler.edu/
Calumet College of St. Joseph Indiana http://www.ccsj.edu/
Calvin College Michigan http://www.calvin.edu/
Carleton College Minnesota http://www.carleton.edu/
Carnegie Melon University Pennsylvania http://cmu.edu/
Cornell Iowa http://www.cornell.edu/
Denison University Ohio http://www.denison.edu/
DePaul University Illinois http://www.depaul.edu/
DePauw University Indiana http://www.depauw.edu/
Dickinson College Pennsylvania http://www.dickinson.edu/
Drexel University Pennsylvania http://www.drexel.edu/
Earlham College Indiana http://www.earlham.edu/
Franklin College Indiana http://www.franklincollege.edu/
Goshen College Indiana http://www.goshen.edu/
Grace College Indiana http://www.grace.edu/
Grinnell College Iowa http://www.grinnell.edu/

Selective Service

  • Almost all male U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service.  The law requires virtually all male U.S. citizens (regardless of where they live), and male immigrants residing in the U.S. (permanent resident aliens), to register within 30 days of their 18th birthday.   Therefore, to be in full compliance with the law, a man turning 18 is required to register during the period of time beginning 30 days before, until 30 days after his 18th birthday...a 60-day window.  For more info: https://www.sss.gov/
      Register at https://www.sss.gov/Home/Registration

    Early Submission:  It is now possible for a man to submit registration information early, as long he is at least 17 years and 3 months old.   Selective Service will keep his information on file and process it automatically later in the year, when the man is within 30 days of reaching his 18th birthday.  An acknowledgment card will be mailed to the man when his registration is processed