Child Find

  • What is Child Find?

    • Process for locating, identifying and evaluating
    • Process for informing non public school staff, parents of child find procedures


    WCCS Special Education Department procedures to identify and evaluate for special education and related services apply for a student ages 3 through the school year the student turns 22.  These procedures apply to students who:

    • Have legal settlement within WCCS
    • Attend a nonpublic school within the geographic area served by WCCS
    • Are homeless or highly mobile, living in or previously lived in the WCCS geographic area, or
    • Are a ward of the state and living in the geographic area served by WCCS, and
    • Are suspected of being a student with a disability


    The following are not considered Evaluation Procedures:

    • A test or other evaluation that is administered to all students unless, before administration of the test or evaluation, consent is required from parent of all students.
    • A screening of students by a teacher or a specialist to determine appropriate instructional strategies for curriculum intervention.
    • A review of existing data regarding a student.
    • The collection of progress-monitoring data when a student participates in a process that assesses the student’s response to scientific, research-based interventions.

    A parent, teacher, school administrator, specialist or student may initiate a request for an initial educational evaluation.