• Sometimes, the district receives calls from parents telling of their child broken tooth, broken finger, or other injury during a sporting event or at school. The call usually is inquiring if the corporation carries student accident insurance to cover what the parent’s insurance does not.  Unfortunately, the district does not carry insurance.  We do, however, offer a voluntary insurance policy. K & K Insurance Co., www.studentinsurance-kk. com, offers a product that we suggest you review. This accident insurance could assist you in covering some of the costs that you, as a parent, incur if your child is injured.  It is a great asset in meeting high deductible or out of pocket expenses.  Signing up for this insurance is easy on the website. The effective date is immediate upon the enrollment of your child.  I would urge you to consider this insurance offering.

    If you have questions, please feel free to contact the business office at 260-244-5771 during normal business hours.

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