The average teenager spend 10,000 hours online, playing video games, and texting their friends. It is no wonder why most High School students say High School is boring. Movement, engaging the student is key to learning as well as making it relevant. A majority of upper lane students in High School are not able to organize and deliver a speech, or grammitically forumulate a paper using in text citations in college. At ETA they will average 30-50 speeches over a course of their 4 year career with as many writing assignments to improve their writing skills. (#1 class their freshman year in college is remedial English) Lecture is out dated and geared for a different century; many jobs of the future have yet to be created. Statistics show that student retain 5%-10% of what they hear in lecture, 75% if they practice, and 90% if they use it immediately or have some application with it. ( 4 out of 10 students drop out of college because of the rigor and being unprepared to manage their time. Data shows that students are struggling to get B's in college despite highly achieving in High School with good grades.(Education World, recent CCHS student in colloege) Lecture and worksheets to prepare for a test leaves out collaboration, discussion, deeper learning, and the ability to solve problems. IPFW has stated that "We have kids that can take notes; we need students who can work in groups, collaborate, and think for themselves." (a recent CCHS student in college has stated that he cannot believe how many projects they do in their classes) Fewer than 25% of all high school students meet college readiness standards for college. According to ABC News Only 20% of all High School students are adequately prepared for Reading, Math, and Science classes in college, the two main classes that incoming freshman take in college is remedial Math and English. Recent studies show 80% of valedictorians and salutatorians have read very few books and do very few speeches their senior year in school or during their high school career. The new craze in business is speed interviews to sell themselves in 60 seconds,yet many students have had little practice in public speaking. Could you beat out 50-500 other applicants for a job? The average person who graduates from college will earn about $20,000 more each year than a High School Education. Businesses would prefer a person with soft skills of being able to communicate, work together, brainstorm, and a good work ethic.(What Employers Want in Employees)
Welcome to the home of Eagle Tech Academy!

Whitley County Consolidated Schools has opened its doors to a new educational venture. As part of the New Tech Network ETA offers a different way of learning that´s focused on technology, group projects, integrated class subjects and a culture that empowers trust, respect, and responsibility. Eagle Tech uses project based learning at its core, students still learn all of the same content standards required by all schools in the state but they learn them by working in collaborative groups and completing projects that are relevant to their lives.

ETA is designed to graduate students into people who are confident, knowledgeable, and responsible collaborators who are ready for whatever path they choose. Whether they go to college, start their own business, or enter the workforce directly after high school, they will do so with a strong set of skills to help them along the way.


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